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Stories are the best way for children and adults to learn about the world. I have always loved stories. Growing up in constant travelling, I read, wrote and painted since I can remember. 
This portfolio contains my inspiration from works known and loved, but also from unknown works of friends, who honoured me by giving me their words to put my paintings on. It is a project that is constantly in progress. I add something, I subtract something else. Some times  I start something new and others I go back to something older. Painting does not evolve linearly. Whenever I think I am not evolving, I sit down, pick up my pencils, in awe and maybe a little fear, and discover that I have taken ten steps forward. Sometimes I take steps back again, maybe because something there, is not clear to me. When I solve it, then I move forward with enthusiasm, like Alice in Wonderland, when she finally entered the garden she was looking at, through the keyhole. And the adventure continues ...

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